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When you signup, you are assigned a professional web developer who will work on your website related tasks.

Here is what you will get in our website design package:

The Process:

The process is easy.
  1. You pay the invoice.
  2. We send you a form containing questions like “what color scheme do you want for the website?”, “Share your logo design with us”, “What are the names of the pages that you want?”, “Which hosting do you use?”, ” Where is the text Content for individual pages?” e.t.c
  3. Once we have answers to all questions, we will get the website design started.
  4. We will first design the screens in Photoshop/XD.
  5. We will use dummy text content and related image content if the actual content is still not provided by you at this step.
    This can be replaced later.
  6. We will share the homepage UI screen with you for a demo, mostly homepage contains a summary or sections of all the inner pages.
  7. Once the homepage is approved, we will design all the pages, convert them to the webpages using WordPress and share them with you for feedback.
  8. Once you provide us with the feedback, we will implement the feedback and share the demo with you again.
  9. Once approved, we will transfer the website to your hosting/server.
  10. Modifications and edits are free of cost for up to 30-days after the delivery of the website.

While this process is happening, you will be able to see step-by-step progress and the communication/chat between the team i.e between the designer, developer, and project manager, by signing into our dashboard using the sign-in info that we will provide you.

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You can get installment plan for as low as $99/month your Website Design project using affirm.

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We have worked with one of the top entrepreneurs, digital marketers, bloggers, and agencies.

Stephanie Anne
Stephanie Anne
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I have had an awesome experience using WP Relieve for almost a year now. They help me redesign things, fix pesky bugs, and are prompt and kind technicians! I highly recommend their services!
Sara Cubitt
Sara Cubitt
Read More
Would recommend WP Relieve anytime. The team are skilled with a great can-do attitude which helps me run my business. I can delegate administrative, prescriptive or repetitive coding and website updates, freeing me up for other strategic and design work, and expanding my capacity as they have skills where I'm not a specialist. They've been a great help in working across WordPress and Shopify sites, saving me time and energy. Thanks all!
Kelvin Mwangi
Kelvin Mwangi
Read More
Very efficient and affordable services. I like that you guys can pick up even the most complex wordpress requests and deliver in no time.
Natalie DeGoey
Natalie DeGoey
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I love your service and the way it’s packaged. It helped me feel super confident that I wasn’t going to suddenly have a huge invoice that I didn’t anticipate, and it keeps me on top of responding and moving forward so I can make the most of my monthly payment!!
Rosie Hallmark
Rosie Hallmark
Read More
WP Relieve constructed a new website for one of our client that is perfect and they did it quickly and efficiently. Its always a pleasure working with Shawn, our assigned web developer. He is very responsive and quick to react. Very professional. This is my second website with WP Relieve, and it was just like the first, excellent in all respects.
Chad Mendell
Chad Mendell
@Chad Mendell
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WP Relieve has been a great service. I primarily work with marketing clients who have either WordPress or Shopify sites. WP Relieve is able to handle even the more complex tasks for both platforms. Additionally, many of the simple tasks were completed the same day (often within a few hours of submitting them).Their agents are easy to work with and communicate well while completing each task. There are several other services out there that provide graphic or development help, but It's nice to have a single source that can handle both (as well as some other service they offer that I'm still exploring). Overall, it has been a very solid experience, and one I'd recommend.
Brent Darnell
Brent Darnell
Read More
They do a great job, very fast and accurate.


Yes , in our Advance/Agency plan , we design website mockups in PSD and we also convert PSD to Website using WordPress & other CMS.

Yes , We work with both of them.

Your website project needs to be broken down into tasks, if your website has 4 pages, you need to create 4 tasks, 1 for each page and we get most of the tasks done with-in 24 hours.

We service clients from 8AM to 5 PM EST for normal tasks.

We service clients 24/7 for urgent tasks such as malware attack, website down, hack recovery e.t.c

Most of the time designer/developer is same, but even if it’s different you will have the same quality work done for you.

We respond within 6 hours and get most of the tasks done within 24 hours, they can take more time if they are complexed or Quality Assurance is applied. The quality assurance process is simple when the developer/designer completes the task, the send a comment in the task thread and change the task department/category to Quality Assurance. Our QA team tests the result by matching it with requirements to make sure you get the fine-tuned result.

Some issues are:

Login info is not provided or is incorrect.

The task consists on multiple tasks, e.g Task is not about one thing but multiple things.

Keep using same tasks to ask for new changes ( we recommend to close the completed task and create a new task for different thing).

We have a complete dashboard designed to keep track of tasks.
Visit our website and you will see a video showing DEMO of our DASHBOARD. Our Dashboard will keep you on top of all communications and progress.

We can do all kind of things that your freelancer or usual Graphic designer or Web Developer would do, all you have to do is to break the work down in smaller tasks.

  • Change the styling of posts on the BLOG page
  • Design a LOGO
  • Design a UI Layout for HomePage
  • Convert a PSD of HomePage to WordPress using DIVI, Elementor, WP Bakery
  • Modify a function in the Plugin
  • Modify a function in the theme


We love to work with WordPress, Shopify, and Wix but our team is trained to work with any kind of CMS or website.

We do all the work that you create tasks about, such as adding content, replacing content, designing logo, designing web pages, doing speed optimization, doing on-page SEO optimizations , developing web pages , creating new functionality e.t.c

You can cancel anytime before the date of renewal of subscription for next month.

No, you can only create a specific number of tasks, for example, 5 tasks in the AGENCY/ADVANCE plan.

It depends from industry to industry or even client to client.

Roughly speaking, Minimum you can get 2 websites having 5 pages each designed and then converted to WordPress using elementor or DIVI in a month and also get modifications done in other tasks.

10 tasks(2 websites,5 pages each) to design the pages in PSD

10 tasks to convert the pages to Website

5 tasks to ask for other modifications.

1 task to export the website from the staging site and import it to the original domain e.t.c

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