The world belongs to those who think smartly and act precisely. Its 21st century and we are living in information world.  Time is running and people try to run with the flow. Everyone is interested in Be more With less.

In the world of internet, a frisker, nowadays, prefers to see more content at a single glance. Focus has shifted to wider screens which can render more graphics and texts in one go. Wider websites look more legit and can render a hell of information and the user has to scroll less. This fulfills the ergonomics standards to a higher extent.

The trends spreads and with the passage of time goes outdated. There was a time when a lot of advertisement, subscribe here and read this article pop-ups appear were preferred by the reader. Some websites had too many distractions and some offered too many options for places to go.

But the reader of today looks for the site who contain noise eliminated areas. The quieter it is, the more likely they are to hear when you do speak up. The calmness of site is now becoming crucial. Visitor looks for the area that is to the point and updated. That is the reason the focus of the developer is being shifted to the unerring appointment of the data on the page while keeping in order meticulously the superiority and prestige of the data to be displayed.

Side Bar as rotten fruit:

A very few out of the visitors scroll the page down to go through all the stuff mentioned. A research says that only 0.3% click on the sidebar that means as rare as three out of 1000. The reason is yelling by her to ditch the sidebar now. By elimination side bar, in my concern, would lead to grasp more focus of the reader towards the clear content of the page displayed. In simple words it can be elaborate as, by minimizing the sidebar we can make site more responsive and attraction absorbing.

User feels dazzling by responsive sites as they don’t have to shift their attention and concentration between multiple windows. Data become accessible under one roof.

If I have to write a blog or website, I highly prefer to take a long hard look at what is going to be on the page of the website. Going through strong contemplation on; why the stuff I am going to write should be there? Is it there because you’re told to mention, or just focusing on filling up the capacity? Do we really need that widget at our page? Is it really the area of concern which can keep user on gazing for a while or two?

What Eliminating Sidebar actually means?

Here point to be kept in mind by saying eliminating the side bar; we not really mean the side bar that we use for scrolling the page. It does not go with removing the scroll bar of the website but infect when we talk about eliminating the bar we actually give attention to ripping the sidesteps of the page. We ultimately are talking about the data for hiding which we use triple bar. Triple bar is actually a drawer usually present at the top side of the content. All the tabs relent to that content are put in triple bar which not only beautifies the page but also give preciseness to it.

Cure to the Issue:

Instead of using the aged, standard “click here” way to keep user staying on web page or type calls-to-action that lead to the corresponding landing page, we wanted to try eliminating the middle man and allow for conversions at the most optimum time, right after someone finishes a post. This is called as “in-line CTAs” in which we can allow readers to convert on a form without clicking off the page, thus shortening the conversion path.