I would recommend WordPress. It’s much more widely used, flexible & scalable option compared to Wix. Also, you want to plan your website development in such a way that you can build things on top of what has been done during phase 1 which will give you more benefit in coming times and higher ROI.

However, It completely depends on what exactly you need. Wix is basically a Drag & Drop DIY tool to make your own website. If it’s an Informatic website, you can definitely go for Wix.

Wix is one of the few solutions that simply allows you to jump in, choose the design you like, put in your information and be done with it in a matter of minutes. Also, there are e-commerce possibilities if you want to sell something. That being said, going with WordPress will give you more features and better customization possibility in the long run. In other words, Wix is the right solution for now. WordPress is something you can grow with, but it does require more work to get things done at the beginning stages.

Apart from that, there are many other website builders are also available. For example Pixar, Mozilo, Weebly, WebsiteBuilder etc. But if you are planning to develop a website with many customization or functionalities, in that case, you should opt for WordPress. But you should have good knowledge of WordPress.

I am always for WordPress, no matter Wix or some other website building tool is in question.

If you are a beginner then what you should be doing is learning the basics of web technologies so you can actually learn to code and control what you create instead of being limited by abstractions that will teach you nothing except how to avoid learning how websites actually work.

Using pieces written by someone else limits you to their skill level, their creativity level, and their concept of what is good/bad design.  You can never get beyond mediocrity if you are limiting your self to the limited version of a commercial product that is supposed to make it easy (but is only easy at a very basic ordinary level). Real creative development does not come from off the shelf solutions; you have to invent that yourself.

With WordPress, you will have more freedom several thousands of Themes, Plugins and active communities worldwide. You can move your WordPress website some other hosts easily which is not possible with Wix.