How do you dress for an official meeting or a date or for an interview?


You dress to highlight your attributes, characteristics, & of course for purpose of the occasion.


You dress to create an image in the mind of the onlooker.


You dress how you want yourself to be referred/addressed to.


No matter how much we want to deny, I feel the first impressions are made by the way we present ourselves.


It’s an integral part of the presentation of one’s personality.

Similarly, the logo is an attire for a company.

Its all about the Visual Perception of the ideologies of the Co.


A logo is an effective way of non-verbal communication of what you present and what you offer in your Co.


It creates a brand, distinction, identity, personality of your Co.


It is the first base of branding and campaign design for any Co. or startups.


People create a bond with it and develop the trust, reliability, and faith in the Co. over the time (of course the product/service should be at par with the design too).


Trust me, the world without the branding will be really dull and will be full of confusion.


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